Tuncer Turhan 


"Child is not a small adult".  Patophysiologically, pediatric neurosurgical disorders are very different group in neurosurgery. Understanding and management of children disorders are required privat teaching steps. Pediatric Neurosurgery is also seperate from adult neurosurgery because of requirement oversenstive surgical procedures and instruments. Therefore Pediatric Neurosurgery Group in our clinic is the distinct offical subdepartment physically and intellectually from adult groups. Pediatric neurosurgery subdivision is a part of department of neurosurgery and shares same bulding with 17 patient beds. Ege University division of pediatric neurosurgery has an 10 months theoretical & practical training program for the residents.

Yusuf Ersahin MD (Professor of Neurosurgery) is head of Pediatric Neurosurgery group. Main interests of Erşahin are endoscopic neurosurgery, padiatric serebrovasculer surgery, surgical treatment of epilepsy and hydrocephalus and reconstructive neurosurgery.

Saffet Mutluer MD ( Professor of Neursurgery) is member of peidatric neurosurgery subdivison. Main interests of Mutluer are craniofacial reconstructive surgery, pediatric cranial base surgery, pediatric oncology and management of hydrocephalus. Dr. Mutluer was the President of the Neurosurgery Dept. of Ege University between 2003 and 2006. Now he is the elected president of the ISPN.

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Tuncer Turhan MD ( Attending Neurosurgeon) is the member of Pediatric Neurosurgery Group. Main interest of the Dr. Turhan were endoscopic Neurosurgery and spinal reconstructive surgery for pediatric patients.

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