Oncological Neurosurgery started to growing with microsurgical technics and using operation microscop in second part of the 20. century. Now, 21. century comes with the news of great moleculer methods in cancer theraphies. But nowadays still surgical removing of the cranial or
spinal masses is only way or starting point of treatment.

Nezih Oktar MD (Professor of Neurosurgery) is the one of neurooncological surgeon in Neurosurgery department. Not only surgical treatment, he is also working on moleculer source and treatment of neurooncological disorders. He is also founder and chief editor of the   Journal of Neurological Sciences [Turkish].

Nurcan Özdamar MD (Professor of Neurosurgery) is the one of the  cranial base and cerebrovascular surgeons of our clinic.  Özdamar was also president of Turkish Neurosurgical Society between 2002-2004.

Ýzzet Övül
MD ( Professor of Neurosurgery ) is one of major cranial base and cerebrovascular surgeon of our clinic. He is also head of Ege University, Department of Neurosurgery.

Kazým Öner MD (Professor of Neurosurgery) is one of the important neurooncological surgeon. Especially skull-base tumors are main interest of Dr. Oner

Sertac Islekel MD (Professor of Neurosurgery) is member of the minimally invasive, functional and stereotactic neurosurgery group. Main interests of Islekel are Functional and Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery, Stereotactic Neurosurgery, Neurooncology and awake neurosurgery.

Taskin Yurtseven MD (Associate Professor of Neurosurgery) member of the minimally invasive, functional and stereotactic neurosurgery. Also he interests with neurooncology, skull-base, cerebrovasculer and spinal surgery.

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